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Artist Statement

I create large scale designs on the landscape, typically beaches, using simple tools and documenting with the latest drone technology. A rake is the primary implement of choice, though snow shoes, shovels and smaller fine detailing implements are used from time to time. I document these creations using a drone, capturing the steps of the process, sometimes catching the wash-away as the canvas is refreshed by the incoming tide. Snow, fire, and light designs are things I’ve briefly experimented with but would like to explore more in the future. I’ve always been fascinated by the natural world, spending great amounts of time in nature and working in gardens and on farms. Exploring the intersection of technology and nature, the precise and the organic, is the focus of my work.

For most of my life, my canvas was an 8.5 x 11” piece of paper. However, I watched my dad draw in the sand for almost 30 years and in 2020, I decided to pick up a rake and try transferring my art to a much larger canvas–the land(scape)! Since then I’ve produced over 1,000 projects, not only creating the compositions but also tackling the aerial photo/ video documentation/ storytelling. I’ve been flying drones for over 7 years and I am a commercially licensed UAV Pilot. 

I’ve been hired for marketing campaigns, events, music videos, real estate, farms/ vineyards, video editing, etc. and  use my aerial photography to help people get their story out to the world via video. I also have created precisely mapped logos and requested designs, using grids and graphs. One of my favorite things to do is execute a specific design that’s requested by the client and incorporate it into my own original design, mixing the commercially viable, ephemeral beach billboard, and the artistic esoteric whimsy.   

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